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Displaying Foods

by admin on March 10, 2011

Whether you own a restaurant, catering company or other food service business it’s important to display your food correctly.  If you have some sort of buffet or similar food display it needs to look attractive.  The style of the food display can actually impact the entire meal and your customers’ experience.

You can find a range of food display options and kitchenware equipment through Lionsdeal.  The items you will need depend on the type of food you’re serving.  It’s important to also consider the atmosphere in which you’ll be serving the food.  The setup for a special occasion dinner will be different from other situations.  Here are a few situations to give you some ideas.

Restaurant Buffet

There are quite a few items you’ll need to run a restaurant buffet.  Some of the buffetware will be outside the food display category.  This includes the different ways to heat certain food and drink-related items.

One great item for a buffet is serving platters.  These are great for displaying foods that don’t need to be heated.  This can include certain finger foods, cheese, and crackers.  You can choose from different sizes and shapes for your serving platters.

Bowls are another option for restaurant buffets.  Serving bowls are great for fruits and vegetables.  Using a deep bowl works well for fruits, but a shallow bowl can also be used.  It’s best for vegetables to be served in a shallow bowl.  Your customers will have an easier time of getting to the food.

Wedding Reception

A very important part of a wedding reception is the cake.  Using a cake stand is one of the best ways to display the cake.  It will help keep the cake stable while adding a bit of extra style.  Some stands are decorative while others are plainer.  This gives the couple the ability to choose what type of stand fits their wedding.

Serving platters are also important for catering a wedding reception.  These can be used to serve guests at their tables or to display foods at a buffet.  If a wedding reception includes a buffet one of the best options for serving food is tiered buffet displays.  It’s a simple way to display a large amount of food in a small space.  Many styles are also available to match the wedding.

Continental Breakfast

A complimentary breakfast will often be served at a hotel or for a special retreat that requires catering.  Displaying food for this type of breakfast is different from displaying food for a wedding.  Breakfast is often laid back and casual.  For this reason, a lot of places use display items that are not fancy.  A common item is woven baskets.  Bagels or condiments are often put in these baskets.

Serving bowls and serving platters are also used often.  The bowls will usually hold fruit, such as apples and bananas.  The platters may have dry food options.  Tiered buffet displays can also be used.  These are handy for a breakfast that is served on a single table.

There are many options for all of these items through Lionsdeal.  Other options are also available.  Many other items are helpful when you’re serving and displaying food, but not all restaurants and catering companies need specialized items.  The items above are the basics.

You can find even more options at Lionsdeal.com.  At their website, you’ll be able to find items and equipment to meet all your needs.  Commercial kitchenware, office supplies, and disposable items are just a few other the types of items available.

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