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Buffet Supplies: Making or Breaking the Buffet

by admin on December 21, 2009

While most people tend to put more thought into the food being served in a buffet, one of the buffet supplies that actually requires quite a bit of planning and decision making are the serving dishes and platters. Believe it or not, these items which are a basic need in buffet supplies can actually make or break the buffet.

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Here are some tips on buying buffet supplies:

Be Budget Friendly
The serving platters being chosen for buffet supplies dictate the style that the food will take and contribute to the ambience that the diners are experiencing. First and foremost, these certain buffet supplies are made from glass, porcelain, wood, stainless steel or porcelain. However, before we delve into the aesthetic quality of the buffet supplies, the more important matter to consider is the budget that the business has. If this factor in your decision making is settled then it is likely that a haphazard purchasing of buffet supplies will ensue.

Quality for Money Spent

Once a budget is set, think about the quality of the buffet supplies. Some of the key things to remember to check are the durability of the platters and the amount of heat that it can take without breaking or getting bent out of shape. The handy thing about most buffet supplies is that the maximum heat that the item can take is normally printed or labelled on the bottom of the platter so it really isn’t hard to pick pieces that can stand the test of high heat and time. Alongside the temperatures the item can take, make sure to purchase buffet supplies that are microwave friendly.

Themed Buffet Preparations

If the buffet being prepared is one that has a certain theme, there really are a large amount of buffet supplies that are fit for themed foods. For example, serving sushi on a metal tray isn’t the most appealing of choices. Japanese themed buffets will often make use of equipment that is made from glass or wood to match and mimic the origins of the food.

Picking the right buffet supplies for different foods and occasions isn’t that hard to do. All it takes is some time and effort to scour the streets, stores and even the internet for some great finds. Not only does making the right choice leave the caterers with buffet supplies that are cost effective, but the diners can also experience a comfortable ambience and stunning visual display.

Photo Credit: Rovney

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