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Everything you need to Bake a Cake

by admin on March 8, 2011

Baking a cake can be easy or it can be difficult.  It really depends on what kind of tools you have to work with.  If you have the right ingredients and the right kitchen supplies you’ll be able to whip up a cake in no time.  Lionsdeal offers a wide variety of baking supplies that will help you bake a cake.

Cake Pans

There are several types of cake pans available.  One of the most common types is the round layer cake pan.  You can choose from different sizes and different shapes of cake pans.  Round is the most common shape, but rectangular and square cake pans are also available.  Round bundt cake pans are available as well.

When looking for a cake pan you should also consider the material of the pan.  Aluminum is a common material.  Steel is another material option.  Some pans are also offered in a non-stick version of a material.  This makes it easier to bake with.  Experienced and new bakers will both enjoy the non-stick cake pans.

Cake Molds

Using a cake mold is a way to make personal cakes.  Many of the molds are designed to make cakes that are smaller than a regular sized cake.  In a way, these cakes are like large cupcakes.  Some cake molds create cakes that are specific shapes, such as snowflakes.  Many molds are made of non-stick material for convenience.

Baking Mats

Silicone baking mats are a new addition to baking.  They are an alternative to parchment or wax paper.  You can use these mats up to 1,000 times.  These mats can go on the bottom of a pan to create a truly non-stick surface.  You’ll be able to take your cake out without greasing the bottom of the pan.  Just stick the baking mat on the bottom of the pan, and then use a spatula to ease it off the paper.

Measuring Cups

You can choose from a few different types of measuring cups.  Standard measuring cups that are used for cooking with dry ingredients can be used for measuring dry ingredients for baking.  It’s also important to have a liquid measuring cup to make sure all your measurements are correct.  Another option is to use special bakers measuring cups.  These will help you get a precise measurement.  Dry ingredient and liquid bakers measuring cups are available.

Cake Decorating

Decorating the cake is a major part of baking a cake.  Having the right tools will improve the cake in the end.  Many different decorating tube tips are available from Lionsdeal.  You can choose from different shapes and sizes.  Marzipan tools are also available.

More baking supplies and other items are available online through Lionsdeal.  They carry a wide range of items, including commercial kitchenware, office supplies, catering equipment, dinnerware, and more.  No matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it at Lionsdeal.com.

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