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One Stop Janitorial Supplies

by admin on February 16, 2011

Taking care of the office is just as important as the work that’s done by the employees.  Having a clean environment will help keep employees healthy and motivated.  Different companies approach taking care of the office different ways.  One possible way is to do all the cleaning in-house with housekeeping employees.  Another option is to hire a cleaning service.  Whether you have housekeeping employees or you are a cleaning service, Lionsdeal has all the janitorial supplies you need.

All Purpose Cleaners

These cleaners are a great option for smaller companies.  Large companies can benefit from all purpose cleaners as well, but it’s much nicer for a smaller company to have a main cleaner.  It’s less expensive to purchase one cleaner instead of a lot of specialized cleaners.  Lionsdeal has a wide range of name brand all purpose cleaners available.  Some come in spray form while others are wipes.  Eco-friendly cleaners are also available for environmentally-conscious companies.

Bathroom Cleaning

Keeping the bathroom clean is very important.  A dirty bathroom can upset employees and cause a reduction in productivity.  Plus, a dirty bathroom isn’t sanitary.  There are several items that are important for keeping a bathroom clean.  One important item is the actual cleaners.  This includes toilet bowl cleaners and all purpose bathroom cleaners.  Many of the all purpose cleaners are great for cleaning counters and sinks.  Another important bathroom cleaner is glass cleaner.  This will help keep the mirror clean and smudge-free.  Lionsdeal makes buying bathroom cleaners easy with their wide selection of items.

Certain equipment is also important for keeping a bathroom clean.  If the floor isn’t clean the employees will notice.  One of the simplest ways to clean the floor is to sweep and mop it.  Several brooms and dust mops are available to meet all your needs.  These can be used outside of the bathroom as well.  Brooms of different sizes and in different materials are available for different types of companies.

Mops will help keep the floor even cleaner.  Both mop heads and mop handles are available through Lionsdeal and all at great prices.  The heads and handles come in different sizes and materials to fit a wide range of needs.  Other mopping equipment, including wringers and buckets, are also available.  These two items are essential for cleaning non-carpeted floors.  Using both make cleaning so much easier.  Workers will be able to clean more efficiently.

These items are just a few of the general items that all companies need to maintain a clean working environment.  Many other specialty items are available through Lionsdeal.  Different companies have different needs, so several different items ranging from disposable gloves to laundry detergent are available.  Any company will be able to find the perfect combination of cleaning supplies at the best price at Lionsdeal.

To meet a business’ entire needs, Lionsdeal offers items beyond cleaning supplies.  They specialize in providing items for catering companies and restaurants, such as commercial kitchenware, barware, and restaurant dinnerware.  However, they also offer office supplies, disposable products, appliances, restaurant furniture, and more.

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