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Making Pizza!

by admin on April 5, 2011

Making a pizza can be a really fun activity, but it’s important to have everything you need.  It’s always a letdown when you start working on a pizza and then find out you’re missing an important piece.  Before you go out shopping for your pizza ingredients it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary equipment.  If you’re missing something, Lionsdeal has a range of pizza items that can help you.  Below are a few of the important items for making a pizza.

Pizza Pans & Screens

A pizza pan is a basic need when it comes to making a pizza.  It’s the classic way to make a pizza.  A pan is also great for displaying the pizza once it’s done.  Another option is to use a pizza screen.  These screens are used the same way that a pan is used.  However, they help distribute heat evenly to avoid too much charring.

Pizza Peels

These are a popular item that is often used by catering companies and businesses.  Pizza peels make it easier and safer to take hot pizza pans and screens out of a pizza oven.  They are available in wood or aluminum.  The traditional pizza peels have a long handle, but there are short handled pizza peels available.  A pizza peel is convenient because it helps you avoid burns.

Serving Utensils

You can choose from a few different pizza servers that will make it easier for you to serve the pizza when it’s done.  They come in a rectangular shape or a triangle shape.  Each helps you serve pizza without hurting your hands.  There’s also a large pizza server that’s a great option for a pizza business that lifts pizzas between a pan and a serving platter.

Pizza Cutters

Using a pizza cutter is much easier than using a large knife.  It’s also a safer way to cut the pizza.  Most of the pizza cutters feature a stainless steel wheel with a handle that is either metallic, plastic, or wood.  You can choose from pizza cutters of different sizes.

Oven Brushes

Using a pizza oven brush makes cleaning up so much easier.  These brushes are specifically designed to help you clean out a pizza oven after use.  You can choose from a circular or rectangular brush head.  All of them work well when you’re trying to clean a pizza oven.

All of these items are commonly used to make a pizza, but they aren’t the only ones.  Many commercial kitchenware items are a big help when it comes to preparing the dough.  For example, you may want to use a specific type of roller.  Many other items are also available from Lionsdeal, including dinnerware, office supplies, disposable items, cleaners, and more.  Anything you need you can find at Lionsdeal.

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