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Different Types of Glassware

by admin on March 6, 2011

Glassware can be a bit confusing once you take a closer look at it.  Initially, you may just look at the general categories of glassware. Within each category there are several types of glasses that need to be considered.  It’s important to have the right glass when serving a drink, especially if you own a restaurant, bar, or catering company.  When you know which glass to use for certain drinks, you will have your guests impressed with your service.  Lionsdeal carries a range of discount glassware to meet all your drink serving needs.


This category of glassware goes by several names.  Sometimes they are called tumblers. Other times they are called simple drinking glasses.  Water glasses are often put in this glassware category.  The common feature of the glasses in this category is straight sides.  A few specific glasses in this category are highball glasses and rocks glasses.


Most people think of stemware first when they think about glassware for alcohol.  Wine glasses are the classic example of stemware.  However, they are not the only type of stemware available.  Here are a few different types of stemware.  Champagne glasses are tall and skinny in order to retain carbonation.  These are often needed for special events.  Martini glasses are another type of stemware.  These are definitely important when you’re serving a martini.  Customers will be less than impressed if they order a martini and it comes in a different glass.

Beer Glasses

This is a big category that has many different types of glassware, even though it’s only used to serve one type of drink.  Mugs are a common type of beer glass.  It’s designed to hold a full bottle of beer, which is important when you’re serving beer at an event or in a restaurant.  Some people may even specifically order a mug because it has a handle that keeps condensation off their hand.

Another type of glass is actually called a beer glass.  These beer glasses are also used to serve an entire beer at one time.  Unlike the mug, beer glasses don’t have a handle.  However, some people actually like these glasses better because they look a little classier.  Within this group of glasses there is a range of glass shapes.  Some are even specifically designed for beers that have a lot of foam at the top.

There are many options within each category of glassware.  You can conveniently choose glassware that matches the style of your business.  There are even many styles of specialty glasses, such as highball glasses.

Once you’ve found some glassware, you can also look at all the other great items Lionsdeal has to offer.  You can look at dinnerware, other bar supplies, commercial kitchenware, disposable items, office supplies, and more.  You’ll be able to meet all your needs through Lionsdeal.

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