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Items Needed in Stock

by admin on March 28, 2011

When you run a business there are many things you need to always keep in mind.  It’s difficult to remember everything, especially things that aren’t central to your business mission.  Keeping important items stocked is one thing that often falls by the wayside.  However, it’s important to keep items stocked that are needed for daily operations.  Lionsdeal understands how difficult it can be to remember these items, especially if they’re ordered from different companies.  To make it easier on you, they offer all the items you need in one place.  Here are just a few.

Hand Soap & Sanitizer

It’s important to keep a workplace clean.  Having enough soap and sanitizer around the office will help keep the area clean and your employees happy.  You can choose from a variety of hand soap refills through Lionsdeal.

Using hand sanitizer is another great way to keep your employees happy and healthy.  There are many hand sanitizer options from different companies available.  You can choose bottles of different sizes, refills, and more.  Sanitizing wipes are also available for cleaning the office.

Office Supplies

There are quite a few general office supplies that need to be stocked at all times.  Staples, tape, and writing utensils are just a few of these.  Correcting fluid and glue sticks are two other common supplies that should be stocked.  Each of these items is typically used every day in an office.

Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

Keeping the bathroom stocked is very important.  Running out of paper towels or toilet paper can be a disaster.  It’s best to plan ahead and order enough supplies on a regular basis.  Both folded paper towels for dispensers and paper towel rolls are available.  The rolls are especially convenient for use outside of the bathroom.  You can also choose from a variety of toilet paper.  Different sizes are available to fit all different kinds of dispensers.

Mop Parts

The office as a whole should be clean in order to keep your employees happy and comfortable.  If a mop needs a new mop head and there isn’t one available then the floor will still be dirty and unsanitary.  There are several types of mop heads your can choose between.


It’s good to have tissues at least in the bathroom.  You can use paper towels for both purposes, but tissues are so much kinder to the skin.  This is especially true during the cold season.  You can choose from stand alone boxes and tissue refills.  There are several tissue brands available.

These are just a few of the many items that every business should have available at all times.  Once you find all the items you need at Lionsdeal you can browse through the other great products they carry.  Disposable products, bar supplies, commercial kitchenware, and dinnerware are just a few of the categories.

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