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Choosing a Pastry Display Case

by admin on December 6, 2010

Pastry Display Cases

Buying a pastry display case is an important decision because it can be a significant part of your daily business. The right display case will add to the atmosphere and the look of your business.  Initially it may seem like most display cases are the same, but there can be a big difference between two cases.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the available options before you go and buy a display case.

The first thing you should consider is what kind of frame you want.  Acrylic display cases are the most popular because the doors are usually made of acrylic.  The acrylic frames make it easy for your customers to see what is inside the case.  It is a classic look for pastry display cases that fits well in any environment.

Display case frames can also be made of metal or wood.  The metal display frames are often used when the case consists of two independent compartments.  A wood display frame usually looks like more of a decoration than a frame. These display cases still have acrylic sides, so it looks like there is a strip of wood around the edges of the case.  Both metal and wood frames are a great way to add a little style and class to a display case.

The next detail you should consider is the shape of the display case. Most cases are square or rectangular, but there are other shapes available.  Some have more of a circular shape or a square base with an arced top. If you decide to use the square or rectangle shape it is important to consider if you would like a single box case or a multiple tier display case.

Another important detail is the placement of the doors. This can often be determined by the purpose of the case.  If you want your employees to serve the items, then it is a good idea to get a rear door display case. If the case will be self-serve for your customers, then it should be a front door display case or a top door that swings upward.  Some display cases even come with a combination of these doors.  The most common combination includes front and rear doors. This makes it easier for employees to refill the case while customers choose items.

Display cases often have two doors that swing outward but some have more. If the case has multiple tiers it may have a door for each tier. These doors are closer to the doors on a one level square display case. The door swings upward so the customer can just reach in and grab an item.

Deciding how many tiers your display case should have is also important. This is often determined by how many types of items you plan to put in the case. Many businesses put one type of item on each tier, but it is also popular to divide the tiers in half and serve two types of items at a time. The three tier display case is the standard for display cases.

When it comes to actually serving the items in the display case, the accessories can be as important as the actual case.  There are two common ways of removing the items from a display case.  Employees or customers can use a tongs or disposable wax paper sheets.  Tongs are convenient because they are reusable.  Metal tongs are the most common. Tongs are also available in different colored plastic.

The other option is to use disposable wax paper sheets. They are a sanitary way to grab the items and hand them to the customers.  They also take the place of any other disposable items you may need for your customers, such as disposable napkins. You also won’t need to worry about washing a utensil used for grabbing the items.

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