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Helping Restaurants Go Green

by admin on September 18, 2010

There is a new wave hitting the restaurant business that is likely here to stay. It is called “going green”. This means that businesses are finding ways to make a real difference in the way they operate. Environmentally conscious can mean a big boost not only for our world today, but in the future and restaurants are jumping aboard the train. It might not always be easy at first, but benefits are seen not only in the care of the natural world, but in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many customers are also wanting to make a difference in their world today and knowing that their every day habits such as eating can make a positive change is a big boost to make them come back to your establishment.

You may say “ Okay, great idea, great benefits, but how do I implement the needed changes without going into bankruptcy? ” Simple, let us get you started !

Here are a few of their products that can get you there with minimal financial output and in ways that will not cause a major upset to your business.

Water Saver Spray Head

Water Saver Spray Valve for Pre-rinse Unit

Starting with water usage reduction is always a great first step !

Another simple yet effective step is to replace those old styrafoam food containers and usual plastic cutlery with biodegradable types like these :

Dispoz-o hinged containers, Straws, Cutlery

These offer all the same useful properties such as strength, durability and functionality without the bad. These are dye-free, biodegradable and recyclable. There really is no reason not to switch!  Cleaners can really disrupt the ecosystem’s fragile balance and cause harm to plant and animal life. Choosing cleaners that are safer will help greatly. These choices will do the job right without harming the environment.

GOJO Lotion Soap – Green Seal and Ecologo certified for hand cleansers and soaps.

Nature’s Source Toilet Bowl Cleaner – A biodegradable, natural and eco-friendly choice for clean toilets in your establishment.

Clorox Green Works Pot and Pan Detergent - Made to work hard without hurting the environment with powerful, natural degreasers.

Better bags mean greener business easier, these bags are actually made from cornstarch and are every bit as tough as the old petroleum based bags.

EcoProducts Compostable Grocery Bags

Ordering and other office use products will be easy to get greener by using paper products such as these.

Second Nature Recycled Legal Pads HP Office Recyled Copier Paper

Need a place designated for the recycling ? Try this recycle bin from Rubbermaid.

C-Brute Recycling Rollout Container with Lid

Also, getting organized with your composting and recycling will help your staff get and stay on track and get your greener restaurant running smoothly. These recycling labels will help your employees learn what to put where for the least confusion and the greatest amount of organization.

Recycling Label Kit

Another popular way for restaurants to help with the environment is to buy local whenever possible. There is simply less fuel use and better support for local business when you do that. Also, buying organic products to serve your customers assures them that you are thinking not only of the earth, but them as well.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can incorporate better eco-friendly practices into your business, sure, there are more costly and invasive methods, but this is a great start. Visit Lionsdeal.com today and see how easy it is to get going green !

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